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Can you walk, bike or scoot instead one day this month?

Two Chances for You to Have your Voice Heard

by Les Wilson

If you’ve noticed a lack pedestrian and bike infrastructure in much needed places in Boca, you’re not alone. The last week of October is the State of Florida’s Mobility Week and Boca Raton is participating. We don’t know what activities are planned, but it’s a chance to get involved in helping the City understand what needs to be done. So, save the date and keep an eye on the myboca.us web page for event details here.

mobility-week 2023

Wednesday October 4th is international Walk, Bike, Roll to School day. Boca Bike Board member Holli Sutton whose 3 kids all walk to school and she herself commutes 3 miles to work by bike is chairperson for the Addison Mizner event this year. Check out Holli Sutton’s Better Bike Friendly interview to learn a special safe route she invented to get around dangerous areas in her commute across town. Weather permitting, BocaFirst plans to be there with cameras rolling.

Walk, Bike, Roll to Addison Mizner Oct 4
Walk, Bike, Roll to Addison Mizner Oct 4

What You Can Do

The idea of Mobility Week and Bike to School is for residents to get out and use Boca’s pedestrian and bike infrastructure instead of a car and then give feedback. Don’t just go out and ride for fun. Think about an errand, appointment or maybe a commute to work by walking, biking or e-scooting instead of going by car. If you find stuff that simply needs fixing, let the City know on their Report a Concern or Compliment page. More importantly, if there’s something you think the City could do that will make it possible or safer for residents to save car trips that we can’t do currently, log that idea on the BocaFirst Report an Idea page. You don’t need a login or anything. We’ll check out your idea and submit it to the Citizen Bike Board for evaluation.

Report a Problem-Idea

What Others are Doing

Saving car trips by walking, biking, e-scooters or whatever is good for your own health and the health of the City. Better ped/bike infrastructure lowers road maintenance and makes Boca a more sustainable city. Citizen Bike Board Member Amy Lang saves car trips doing errands on an e-scooter. Check out her Better Bike Friendly Boca Advocate interview to learn all about e-scooters and scooting around Boca.

Build a better bike friendly advocate - Amy Lang
Better Bike Friendly Boca Advocate Amy Lang

Council Member Fran Nachlas, well known for her work raising awareness about skin cancer is also an accomplished cyclist. She recently started a Bike Friendly Business program to certify local businesses for Bike Friendliness. She also takes city employees on rides around Boca to help them understand what cycling in Boca is like. You’re sure to see her on two wheels during mobility week. Check out her activities on Facebook here.

To learn more about e-scooters, specifically, check out Amy’s recent interview above. Or, find out what other bike advocates are saying on our Bike Advocate YouTube Channel:

Build a Better Bike Friendly Boca Advocate - Holli Sutton
Better Bike Friendly Boca Advocate Holli Sutton
Better Bike Friendly Advocate Steve Wheeler
Better Bike Friendly Boca Advocate Steve Wheeler
Better Bike Friendly Boca Bike Advocate Jim Wood
Better Bike Friendly Boca Advocate Jim Wood
Better Bike Friendly Boca Bike Advocate Brian Stenberg
Better Bike Friendly Boca Advocate Brian Stenberg
Better Bike Friendly Boca Bike Advocate Gabriel Bordeaux
Better Bike Friendly Boca Advocate Gabriel Bordeaux
Build a Better Boca Bike Friendly with Dr Louis Merlin
Better Bike Friendly Boca with Dr Louis Merlin

What Do You Think?

Do you have opinions about mobility in Boca? Do you want to be able to get around Boca Raton more without a car but are frustrated at the lack of infrastructure? What do you think should be done, improved or built in order to make Boca more bike friendly? We’d love to hear from you. Write a Letter to the Editor or submit an idea on our “Report a Bike Infrastructure Problem/Idea” page here. Either way, make your voice heard.

Want to Learn More?

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