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Wildflower Park Tracker Update

by Jim Wood

The BocaFirst article: Wildflower Past, Present and Future provides more information about the Wildflower Park.

On May 13, 2019 Boca Raton’s design consultant, EDSA, presented their revised design for Wildflower Park based on several enhancement requests from the Boca Raton City Council members. This article provides information on the updates as well as the latest project schedule. At the May 13th meeting, EDSA presented this design:

Wildflower Park Details

The numbers in the small circles in the drawing refer to the changes requested by the City Council. They are:

1. ADD A PLAYGROUND AREA IN WILDFLOWER PARK. This will be an artsy, interactive attraction that children can play on.

2. NEED TO PROVIDE 50+ PARKING SPACES ON WILDFLOWER PARK. Forty-nine vehicle parking spaces are now in the design.

5. NO CARS UNDER THE BRIDGE. The only vehicles permitted under the bridge will be the bridge tender’s vehicle, bridge maintenance vehicles and emergency vehicles. Also, the Silver Palm Park bathrooms will be moved away from the bridge. This creates a clear view and walkway between the two parks.

8. ENSURE PLAN CAN ACCOMMODATE POTENTIAL FOR FUTURE WATER TAXI. The Wildflower Park will have a new seawall and it will not preclude future water taxi dockage.

9. ENSURE PLAN CAN ACCOMMODATE POTENTIAL FOR FUTURE DOCKAGE. Similar to water taxi dockage, the new seawall will not preclude future boat dockage. In both cases, issues such as sea grass impacts needs to be resolved before dockage is added to the seawall.


11. ENSURE THE FLOATING WETLANDS AREAS ARE CLEAR OF ANY BOATING ACTIVITY. Wetlands are limited to the area between the seawall, bridge and intracoastal bumpers.

13. PROVIDE FOR SOME DOUBLE-SIDED SEATING ALONG THE PEDESTRIAN PROMENADE. This is being provided so people can hang out and view the intracoastal waterway or activity within the park

14. STAIRS FROM THE NORTH SIDE OF PALMETTO PARK ROAD ACCESSING THE WILDFLOWER SITE. Due to Palm Beach County requirements for ADA compliance, the costs prohibit adding the stairs.

Wildflower Park Schedule

EDSA also provided an updated task schedule at the May 13th meeting and that is depicted in the following Tracker schedule.

Wildflower Tracker Update

The next major milestone occurs in early September, 2019 when EDSA finalizes the site plan and site design. They will also have construction drawings and more detailed cost estimates available. The seawall replacement project will be started before Wildflower Park construction. It needs to be completed before construction on the park begins.

BocaFirst will continue to track and report on the plans and progress of the Wildflower enhancement project.

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