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Suggest a Ped/Bike Infrastructure Idea

by BocaFirst

This page is for crowd sourcing pedestrian/bike infrastructure design issues and ideas from Boca’s cycling community. A photo of the affected area is required. Use the BLUE button to suggest an idea:

To report problems, urgent landscape encroachment, trip hazards, repairs or code enforcement directly to the city, use the RED button. They will forward it to the right place.

Ideas submitted here are reviewed by our BocaFirst Bike Team. If appropriate, they’re added as “Notes” on our Detailed BocaFirst Bike Map. and submit them to Boca’s Citizen Pedestrian and Bike Advisory Board.

To create a Bike Infrastructure problem or idea: click the icon icon in the upper right corner of the map below. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

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Step by step instructions

  1. CLICK on the plus sign (+) in upper right corner of the map below.
  2. ENTER a title for your report.
  3. ZOOM and SCROLL the map to see the location you are reporting.
  4. When you see the location, CLICK on the spot to insert a marker.
  5. ENTER a description of the issue.
  6. Optionally, INCLUDE a picture or audio file.
  7. CLICK on Submit Location. We will review it.
Steps to create report

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