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August 10 2023 – Michael French

by BocaFirst Reader

Subject: The Zero Plan

Hello, as a 40 year resident of Boca, observing the tolerated carnage and anarchy on our roads, the best place to start is LAW ENFORCEMENT! The blatant disrespect of the law and other motorists by drivers, cyclists, and motorcyclists ( yes you guys too!) is simply outrageous! We need people who drive/ cycle in Boca to KNOW they will be prosecuted for the illegal choices they make. Enough of the excuses of “ lack of resources , law is hard to enforce, we can’t stop all of “them”. It’s disgraceful for a town the size of Boca to have such a huge issue with this. The buck stops with those who have the authority to reduce the behaviors that cause these horrible events! If the powers that be would just start zeroing in on the incredible speeding , on Dixie we’d all hear & see the difference !
No more excuses!

Michael French

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