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June 6 2023 – Richard K

by BocaFirst Reader

Subject: Boca Biking

While I agree that there are infrastructure concerns, it seems that no one is willing to address the responsibility of the actual cyclists to drive safely on the roadways that we have. The article gives many examples of poor lanes for the bikers, yet fails to address the abuse by this group (for example) on A1A. Groups of cyclists ride 4-5 abreast, into the entire vehicle lanes and obstruct traffic. These groups of riders weave in and out of their positions as if they are riding in a competition, with no attention to traffic. Many choose to ride during ‘rush hour’ on the busiest roadways we have (Glades Rd), and then complain that it’s unsafe. Rarely do they stay in the ‘bike lane’ or observe traffic light signals, instead going through red lights as if their right of way supersedes everything else (including pedestrians). As a grandparent of a world-class competitive cyclist (who does not live in South Florida), it’s time to call out these bikers and have them take some responsibility.


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