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Wildflower pavilion by EDSA

Wildflower/Silver Palm Park Tracker Update

by Jim Wood

On March 3, 2020 Boca Raton’s Parks and Recreation Board voted unanimously to recommend approval of the site plans for Wildflower/Silver Palm Park upgrades. The next step is for the City Council to decide on the site plans; however, this item is currently not on a City Council agenda. After City Council approval, an RFP will be issued followed by contractor selection and construction start. 

Background on Wildflower Park can be found in the BocaFirst article Wildflower Past, Present and Future.

Wildflower Park

The following Wildflower Park graphic was presented by architectural firm EDSA at the March 3rd 2020 meeting.

EDSA Wildflower Design - March 3 2020
EDSA Wildflower Design – March 3 2020

Some of the key points discussed at the meeting include:

  • Bollards will be installed to block vehicle access to the parking lots during events that require usage of the parking lots for other than vehicle parking
  • Parking lot surface materials will be grey pavers as shown in the diagram
  • Surface materials for the pedestrian promenade along the waterfront will be light colored pavers
  • When the seawall is replaced the current steps into the water will be retained for launching of non-motorized watercraft. 
  • Discussions with the owner of the vacant property on the corner are continuing and Wildflower Park design is such that it can be expanded to incorporate the property if an agreement is completed.

Following is a rendering of the pavilion/restroom, which is identified as 06 in the above park graphic. The intent is to make this building more attractive by adding some art.

Wildflower pavilion by EDSA
Wildflower pavilion/restroom by EDSA

Silver Palm Park

On March 3rd EDSA presented the following drawing for their Silver Palm Park site plan. 

EDSA Silver Palm Park Design - March 3 2020
EDSA Silver Palm Park Design – March 3 2020

Highlights include:

  • Replacement of the existing restroom building with a new building that is located away from the bridge underpass. The new location is shown as 12 in the above drawing
  • An open connector to Wildflower Park under the Palmetto Park Bridge
  • A proposed additional boat ramp and jet ski launch
  • The capability to have water taxis drop off and pick up passengers, although no plans currently exist for water taxis
  • A building for usage of park rangers

Wildflower/Silver Palm Park Project Schedules

The following diagram illustrates the schedule of major activities to complete the Wildflower and Silver Palm Park enhancement project. Both parks are currently following this schedule and will be completed together. Wildflower and Silver Palm Parks should be completed sometime in 2021.

Wildflower Park Progress Tracker March 2020
Wildflower Park Progress Tracker March 2020

Wildflower/Silver Palm Park Naming

The results of a City survey of residents for names for both parks overwhelmingly supported keeping the current names, i.e., Wildflower Park and Silver Palm Park.

BocaFirst will continue to track and report on the plans and progress of the Wildflower/Silver Palm Park enhancement project.

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