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The BocaFirst COVID-19 Tracker

by Jim Wood and Les Wilson

This COVID tracker is updated 7 days a week at bocafirst.org/covid-19-tracker.

This is our COVID-19 tracker with “at a glance” infographic and other stats for Boca Raton based on data collected from the Florida Department of Health. Our data and analysis is presented without commentary or agenda. Using data culled from various official Florida Department of Health websites, we’ve created graphics to visualize what’s going on locally. See each graphic for the specific sources used. Data in these reports is provisional and subject to change. We update our tracker in the morning with data from the previous evening.

Boca COVID-19 Stats

BocaFirst Boca Raton infographic. Data in this report is provisional and subject to change

Palm Beach County COVID-19 Stats

The Hospitalized counts below include anyone who was hospitalized during their illness. It does not reflect the number of people currently hospitalized.

More information on deaths identified through death certificate data is available on the National Center for Health Statistics website at www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/COVID19/index.htm.

Data in this report is provisional and subject to change.
The percent is the number of people who test positive for the first time divided by all the people tested that day, excluding people who have previously tested positive.

Florida COVID-19 Stats (Updated M, W, F)

BocaFirst Florida case, testing, hospitalizations and fatalities infographic. Data in this report is provisional and subject to change.
BocaFirst Florida percent positive, hospitalization, deaths (by date of death) infographic. Data in this report is provisional and subject to change.

Palm Beach & Broward County Hospital Bed Availability (Updated Weekly)


Case data is affected by how much testing is done. The percent positive, hospitalization and death rates reflect actual cases of illness in a population. Also, case count totals may be the result of hot spot testing and not accurate in terms of actual number of virus cases in a larger area such as a county or city with a zipcode containing a hotspot. Zipcodes with hospitals may have counts of patients whose residence is another zipcode but the hospital zipcode was used by mistake in the report.

For more information

The Florida Department of Health has a web page that lets you explore current data in various ways. It’s updated twice a day. Click the screen shot below to go there and select the “Cases by Zipcode” tab along the bottom.

Florida COVID-19 - Cases by Zip Code
Florida COVID-19 – Cases by Zip Code

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