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2021 City Council Election – Seat C Candidate Interviews

by Katie Barr and Les Wilson

In this special BocaMatters segment, we present interviews with the candidates for Boca Raton City Council Seat C. They are Josie Machovec, Yvette Drucker, Constance Scott and Bernard Korn. The election is March 9 2021.

BocaFirst strives to provide timely and informative interviews with candidates in our BocaMatters video segment. With Boca’s history of dark money PACS and dirty campaign tactics, our goal is to be fair to all candidates and let our readers make up their own mind.

Our process is simple. Two months before an election, we work to schedule, film and edit an interview with each candidate and then publish them all at the same time a month before the election. Unfortunately, and after several weeks of trying, Bernard Korn and Constance Scott either declined the interview or were unable to schedule it time for our February 9 Election publication.

Josie Machovec for Seat C

Yvette Drucker for Seat C

Constance Scott for Seat C

Bernard Korn for Seat C

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