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Thoughts of a Reluctant Golfer

by Katie Barr

My father introduced me to golf when I was a teenager; it was about the same time that Caddy Shack was playing at the local theater. Dad and I would walk the course at Red Reef on A1A and I guess I secretly hoped we would run into Bill Murray, because playing golf was not exactly on the top of my list. What I did enjoy was any excuse to spend time with my father. Being one of four siblings that opportunity was a rare treat.

Conversations seemed to flow naturally as we strolled the greens and took in the salt air. My father’s advice was to remember the good shots and don’t dwell on the whiffs. Through the years those words of wisdom have served me well on and off the course.  I can’t say my game has improved much since my disco days but my love of the sport has grown to become a part of my life. 

Keep Golf in Boca was a call to action during the 2016 elections

Life Lessons

Knowing the proper etiquette and pace of the game has allowed me to play with countless clients, friends and family members.  The best part is the handshake after 18 holes; it’s an unspoken nod of appreciation to your partner for spending a few precious hours together, willing to look foolish, having fun and perhaps being vulnerable.

Today my husband Ian and I are regulars at our Boca Municipal course but we still love A1A in the morning. As far as public courses go, one that has been given a fabulous fact lift is the Palm Beach municipal on A1A. It’s not that the course itself has been greatly improved but the addition of the beautiful bar and dining area over the new pro shop make it worth the trip, even if we’re just stopping for lunch. Boca Raton National deserves to be that type of destination and more, this is not the time to cut corners. 

Golfing at Red Reef Executive Course in MacDee Cup tournament.

Keep Golf in Boca

Keep Golf in Boca was a call to action during the 2016 elections; the negotiations for the sale of the Boca Municipal were made more palatable to voters because we believed something wonderful would be carved out of the old Ocean Breeze course with the proceeds from that sale. 

Bringing your personal best, teamwork, and civility are what every student of golf must learn to play like a Pro. Perhaps it’s time for City Officials to play the District Commissioners in a friendly game of match play. Best ball wins. So will residents!

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