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Boca Teen Tyler Zankl

by Nile Fortner

Boca teen Tyler Zankl of the clothing brand Living Lavish started the Lavish Hero Line and the Living Lavish Hero Fund to give back to front line workers. Zankl realized social status is inconsequential and everyone is equal and the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic is universal.
With assistance from creative director Sandra Guerrero, Zankl turned t-shirts into a tribute and a way of saying thank you. On the first podcast episode of the Boca Soul Connexion, Zankl and Guerrero discuss with Nile Fortner, the creative process behind these graphic t-shirts, how Zankl works as both an entrepreneur and a student, and more on this episode.
Zankl and Guerrero support our heroes and you may also support by purchasing these graphic t-shirts. Donations will go directly to the Lavish Hero Fund. You May find Living Lavish over on Facebook, Instagram, and here at www.livinglavish.com and www.lavishherofund.com

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