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Wildflower July 2020

Wildflower/Silver Palm Park Tracker – July 2020

by Jim Wood

On June 23, 2020 the Boca Raton city council passed resolution 80-2020 authorizing the staff to proceed with project planning for Wildflower and Silver Palm Park. These plans include replacing the seawall along Wildflower Park as well as developing the Wildflower Park features and redeveloping Silver Palm Park. Following is some background information on Wildflower Park as well as a description of the status of the development plans.


See our previous article Wildflower: Past, Present and Future for background information on the property dating back to 1914.

Site Plan Status and Changes

On March 3, 2020 Boca Raton’s Parks and Recreation Board approved the site plans for Wildflower/Silver Palm Park upgrades. Details are available here

According to EDSA and city staff the site plan changes made so far to reduce costs retain the basic site plan designs approved by the Parks and Recreation Board. Changes to Wildflower Park include removal of an entertainment stage and it’s cover along with some other tweaks. Changes to the Silver Palm Park site plan include removal of a storage shed, fitness trail and exercise stations, removal of some shade sails and some other tweaks.

Next Steps

Project schedules are depicted in the following chart. Note that future dates are tentative. For the Wildflower and Silver Palm park upgrades a contractor will be selected and a contract negotiated. This contract, which will include updated costs, final design plans along with schedule goals, will be presented to the city council for approval in the September/October, 2020 timeframe. Construction of the park changes is planned to begin in January, 2021. A planned completion date will be available in the construction contract.

The Wildflower Park seawall project is estimated to start in the October/November, 2020 timeframe and complete six months later. Work on the seawall is not expected to conflict with construction of Wildflower Park.

BocaFirst will continue to track and report on the status of the Wildflower/Silver Palm Park project.

Wildflower Park Progress Tracker 7_12_2020
Wildflower Park Progress Tracker 7_12_2020

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