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Wildflower Park Seawall Replacement Project – STARTED

by Jim Wood

The Notice to Proceed was provided to the Wildflower Park Seawall Replacement project contractor; thus, officially starting demolition of the existing seawall and construction of the new seawall. Wildflower Park will be closed to visitors beginning the first week of January, 2021. This short article provides further information on the project.


On September 11, 2020 we provided details regarding the Wildflower Seawall Replacement projects: Wildflower Park Seawall Replacement Project – BocaFirst

The seawall to be replaced is shown in the following diagram.

Seawall Diagram
Seawall Diagram

The plan is to start replacement construction at the northern end of the seawall and progress to the southern end near the Palmetto Park bridge.

The following pic was taken on December 21, 2020 and shows construction equipment arriving and being assembled at the northern section of Wildflower Park.

Wildflower Seawall Equipment Staging
Wildflower Seawall Equipment Staging

As mentioned earlier in this article, Wildflower park will be closed to visitors beginning the first week of January, 2021. This is a safety measure to protect construction workers and potential visitors to the park.

Silver Palm Park Seawall

The seawall at Silver Palm Park is not included in the current Wildflower Park Seawall Replacement project. The Silver Palm Park seawall meets code and will not be replaced at this time. But because inundation does occur at extreme high tides, the seawall deck at Silver Palm Park will be raised. Following is a pic of the deck being impacted at the October, 2020 king tide.

Notice at the bottom of the pic that the water level is equal to the level of the deck of the seawall. The deck will be raised as part of the construction project that improves Silver Palm Park.

Wildflower Park and Silver Palm Park Project Schedule

Following is the updated Wildflower Park and Silver Palm Park project schedules. According to the contract between the city and the seawall contractor the contractor has 270 days to complete the work after the Notice to Proceed is issued by the city. All future dates are estimates.

Wildflower Park Progress Tracker
Wildflower Park Progress Tracker


This article provides a brief update on the Wildflower Seawall Replacement construction project. BocaFirst will continue to monitor progress of this project.

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