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What’s in a Name?

by Joe Graubart

The City of Boca Raton needs your help with officially naming the ‘new’ downtown waterfront multiuse park informally known as Wildflower Park.  The City’s website will direct you to a survey (see link below): “Help us name a New Park.”  The City has enumerated “naming guidelines” to include:

  1. Historical relevance
  2. Geographic location
  3. Geological features
  4. Community identity
  5. Prominent site activities 

To be frank, this soon-to-be park was going to be ‘leased’ for 45 years for private commercial development; and was only saved by the hard work of residents who petitioned the City Council to have the question of commercialization put before the people for a vote.  Organizers and volunteers collected 2,068 signatures.  In that 2016 election, 67% of Boca Raton residents voted in favor of making it a park.  Therefore, it is both easy and logical to conclude that without the dedication of the petitioners, the City wouldn’t even be asking this question of “historical relevance” or naming the park.

I think honoring the historical relevance is of great importance and should be preserved in the park’s name.  Additionally, when taking the City’s naming guidelines into consideration; I believe the park should be named “Petitioner’s Wildflower Downtown Waterfront Multiuse Park” – or simply “Petitioner’s Wildflower Park.” 

Please vote here: https://www.myboca.us/1773/Wildflower-Silver-Palm-Park-Site

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