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Something Has Been Missing

by BocaFirst Founders


Dear BocaFirst readers,

It’s been going on for months. Something has been missing that changed the power structure in Boca Raton for the better by informing citizens about what was really happening in our city. That something began to change and influence local politics. That something gave the residents of Boca Raton a voice like never before. That something impacted Boca Raton elections. That something that’s been missing is the blog: BocaWatch.

The Impact

So successful was the impact of BocaWatch on our community that much of the local elite and Boca Raton’s body politic, felt threatened to the point of backing several contra-blogs for the sole purpose of attempting to discredit BocaWatch, including those involved and what it represented. Love it, hate it, or don’t care; BocaWatch had a major impact on our community and many residents believe that impact was for the better.

The driving force behind BocaWatch was its creator, Al Zucaro.

The driving force behind BocaWatch was its creator, Al Zucaro. Over five years ago Mr. Zucaro understood that the ‘little guy’ had no seat at the table in Boca Raton when it came to determining the city’s future; and worse yet, had a voice in City Hall that seemed only tolerated as a legal requirement. Al Zucaro also knew those in control wanted to keep it that way.

The Growth

In the beginning, several people helped BocaWatch expand its vision to include more and more residents in the process. As the popularity of BocaWatch grew, so did the number of talented contributors that brought forth a robust and credible offering that was viewed by the thousands each week. A great accomplishment that Mr. Zucaro can take pride in evermore.

Will BocaFirst be Different?

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Contributors and allies of BocaWatch are proud of what was accomplished. They believe that the residents and many underserved businesses in Boca should have a voice. So, a new voice is born – and indeed, it is a NEW voice – not a copycat. BocaFirst hopes to accomplish the worthy task of providing information and independent analysis on issues that impact Boca Raton daily. While many of the areas of focus remain the same, BocaFirst will be different than BocaWatch. In the meantime, we thank BocaWatch for blazing the trail, setting a standard and providing inspiration.

BocaFirst Founders:

  • Joe Panella
  • Katie Barr
  • Jim Wood
  • Les Wilson

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