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Say NO and Sign the Petition: What happened to our kids’ summer?

by Michelle Grau

Palm Beach County schools have proposed a 2020-2021 Academic Calendar with the first day of school of August 10th. As reported in the Sun Sentinel, the proposal was set for final approval by the School Board on April 17th of this year but as a result of a petition and other efforts, the Calendar Proposal was removed from the Consent Agenda and the Superintendent was asked to conduct further review.   A new date for consideration of the 2020-2021 Calendar has not yet been set.

Why School Start Should Not be August 10th

August 10th is the earliest school start date allowed by state law, As a Mom, I think it is way too early for children to go back to school. August 10th is still summertime. It’s a week and a half into August — a time when kids could easily still be in camp which would cut into any family time before school starts. Early August is when families go on vacation. Early August is when we Floridians can’t go anywhere without A/C, much less try to go outside for recess.  The traditional summer season is Memorial Day to Labor Day. Keep it.

The start of school in Florida is already earlier than the rest of the nation. As a mother of two children in the Palm Beach School District, I believe that this start date is much too early, especially as other school districts, such as Miami Dade, are not adopting this early of a start date, and are maintaining a start date later in the month. I feel strongly that the school start date needs to accommodate Palm Beach County children and their families. I’m not alone. The online petition started by Jennifer Kesselman is a way for your voice to be heard and I urge you to sign.


What happened to our summer’s continuing through August? Say NO to Palm Beach County Board of Education’s proposed August 10th start date for your children.

Michelle Grau

Say No Petition
Petition to Frank Barbieri to Vote No to August 10 School Start

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