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Sound Bites with Kat Rozz – Taco Tuesday

by Nile Fortner

From FAU classmates to foodie friends, Nile Fortner and Kathleen Rozo (Kat Rozz) have come together for ‘BocaFirst presents Sound Bites with Kat Rozz’. This podcast (or foodcast) insists on bringing cuisine culture, food fusions, hungry habitats, and the taste of Boca tables and more to you.

On the first edition of ‘Sound Bites’, Kat discusses with Nile how to have the perfect Taco Tuesday. Kat and Nile also discuss recommended taco spots, the possible locations of more taco restaurants in Boca, and more on ‘BocaFirst presents Sound Bites’ because it’s all about from the first bite and beyond.

For videos, daily adventures, and more, feel free to check out Kathleen on Instagram @kat.rozz

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