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Kendyl Blakeney – Reporter, Comedian, and Multimedia

by Nile Fortner

For over five years, Kendyl Blakeney has had an interest and has covered a variety of multimedia journalism topics. Her passion for comedy and new-edge multimedia journalism has led her to do entertainment reporting, stand-up comedy, FAU coverage, being an on-screen camera host for events, and working behind the camera and productions as well.

On Episode 11 of the Boca Soul Connexion/Boca Soul X, Nile Fortner discusses with Kendyl Blakeney, how her career brings a fresh comedic take on entertainment reporting. Kendyl Blakeney also shares with Nile Fortner her work at FAU, breaking barriers as a female comic and a woman discussing sports, and more on this BocaFirst podcast episode.

If you’d like to go beyond our audio adventures, you may check out Kendyl Blakeney on social media and her website here.