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John King of Spicy Wear

John King – Spicy Wear

by Nile Fortner

John King, a Business Marketing major from Florida Atlantic University, set out to create a clothing brand. His technique was to walk the FAU campus networking with people. This led to establishing Spicy Wear.

After getting it going in Boca Raton, this entrepreneur and founder worked to build his name and Spicy Wear beyond FAU and Boca, eventually expanding into sales in Russia, Estonia, and Australia.

On Episode 19 of the BocaFirst podcast, Boca Soul Connexion/BocaSoulX, founder of Spicy Wear, John King, discusses with Nile Fortner, how he started his business out of his dorm, how he started Spicy Wear, what the clothing line offers, and his variety of stylish apparel.

John also shares with Nile his successful techniques for networking, the importance of diversity and representation in branding, and a lot more on this BocaFirst podcast episode.

If you’d like to go beyond our audio adventures, you may check out John King of Spicy Wear on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and at the Spicy Wear website where you may use the promo code BOCA for 20 percent off your entire order.