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Gary Greenberg – Author of The Beer Diet

by Nile Fortner

Gary Greenberg has been writing professionally for more than 40-years, primarily as an award-winning newspaper reporter and editor. In recent years, he has specialized in holistic and alternative medicine, and he’s written more than 300 published articles in that field.

Upon hitting middle age, his beer consumption contributed to a slow but steady weight gain. Tapping into his knowledge of natural health, he adjusted his diet and lifestyle in ways that allow him to drink his favorite craft beers and his own homebrew without gaining weight in his book, The Beer Diet.

On Episode X (10) of the Boca Soul Connexion/Boca Soul X, Nile Fortner discusses with rugby athlete turned author Gary Greenberg, what his book has to offer, the health benefits behind beer, and great places in Boca Raton to get a beer. Gary Greenberg also discusses with Nile Fortner how he published his book, the myth behind the beer belly, and a whole lot more on this podcast episode.

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