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Eric Gooden – The35U

by Nile Fortner

Eric Gooden is a proud resident of Boca Raton, Florida, and Michigan native.  In 2016, Eric Gooden was elected as Chairman of the Community Advisory Panel and he was reelected in May of 2018. Gooden is also the founder of The35U. A platform to engage and motivate the next generation of leaders in business, media, education, and who are entrepreneurs providing resources tailored to an essential audience.

On Episode 16 of the Boca Soul Connexion/BocaSoulX, Eric Gooden discusses with Nile Fortner, The35U platform, doing interviews from barbershops and Eric’s community work in education and government. Eric also shares with Nile his community volunteer efforts, coming from Lynn University, and more on this BocaFirst podcast episode.

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