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by Nile Fortner

Christina Nicholson is an award-winning TV journalist, podcaster, blogger, and a public relations specialist. With the help of her team, Nicholson of Media Mavens has gotten her clients to be featured on WSVN, The Today Show, and more media outlets.

Nicholson, who has been featured in Forbes, also has had an award-winning journalist career, she’s a writer, and she’s gone from TV reporter to helping bloggers and business owners grow by reaching their ideal customers or clients.

On Episode 18 of the Boca Soul Connexion/BocaSoulX, Christina Nicholson discusses with Nile Fortner, her blog Christina All Day, modern media techniques people may use, doing TedX Talks at Florida Atlantic University’s Boca Raton campus, and podcasting.

Christina also shares with Nile her career working in television, how to get the most value out of a press release, and a lot more on this BocaFirst podcast episode.

If you’d like to go beyond our audio adventures, you may check out Christina Nicholson on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Christina All Day.