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Cameron Bangert – Founder of Heirs F.T.Y. Clothing

by Nile Fortner

For over three years, Florida Atlantic University Business Marketing major and Owner of Heirs F.T.Y. clothing, Cameron Bangert, has been establishing his streetwear clothing brand. Heirs F.T.Y. features t-shirts, jackets, shorts, jewelry, and accessories, with bold graphic designs, logos, and colorful clothing in a variety of styles for men and women.

Cameron Bangert has taken his interest and passion in pop culture and fashion to have a clothing concept featuring empowering the youth and a focus on uplifting the youth and their importance in society.

On Episode 15 of the Boca Soul Connexion/BocaSoulX, Cameron Bangert discusses with Nile Fortner, how Heirs F.T.Y. started, what this brand offers people regardless of their age, and what Heirs F.T.Y. offers. Cameron also shares with Nile, his contributions to the educational platform UNSunk Inc., his popular clothing items, doing photoshoots around Boca Raton such as at Mizner Park, and more on this BocaFirst podcast episode.

If you’d like to go beyond our audio adventures, you may check out Cameron Bangert’s Heirs F.T.Y. Instagram, follow on Twitter, connect with him on LinkedIn, and see more on Facebook.