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Bryan Rammel – Smart for Life

by Nile Fortner

Founded in 2002, Smart for Life was founded by Doctor Sasson Moulavi who put on weight himself while working long hours as an emergency room doctor. After experiencing obesity, he vowed to recover and also provide solutions for his patients. He introduced his meal replacement products that are vegan, gluten-free, and offer other healthful traits as well. Now Doctor Sasson Moulavi has helped people from Boca and beyond, has built a team of people, and continues a healthy lifestyle.

On episode six of the Boca Soul Connexion/BocaSoulX, Nile Fortner speaks with Director of Marketing Bryan Rammel of Smart for Life. Rammel discusses with Nile, how these treats such as protein bars, shakes, and even the cookie diet (yes cookies) can offer nutritional value. Rammel also discusses with Nile how this differs from other nutritional/weight loss programs, how not to fall victim to the quarantine 15, and a lot more on this podcast episode.