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Ashley Walker – The Paradigm Press and Paradoxically

by Nile Fortner

 Founded on March 1st, 2020, The Paradigm Press is Florida Atlantic University’s first Black newspaper and they cover a variety of topics. Some of their topics and articles feature Student and Campus Life, sports, Black-owned businesses, culture, entertainment, and issues going on in the FAU campus community as they advocate for change. The Paradigm Press, which has been featured in the Sun-Sentinel and WPTV News, continues to grow with students, staff, and be a movement on the college campus.

 On episode eight of the Boca Soul Connexion/BocaSoulX, Nile Fortner speaks with Ashley Walker of The Paradigm Press and the host/creator of Paradoxically, which is The Paradigm Press’ podcast. Nile Fortner and Ashley Walker discuss topics The Paradigm Press has covered such as the secret distribution of drugs on the campus. Ashley also discusses with Nile, why 2020 was the year for a Black newspaper, her podcast series, diversity amongst the university, and more on this podcast episode.

Nile also discussed The Paradigm Press and Paradoxically with Imani Lauryn Marable of FAU OWLTV, media specialist Austin Farrow, and FAU Alumna Elyscia Saint-Hilaire.