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Mayor Singer: You’ve got to be kidding.

by Joe Graubart

For many reasons, the City Council should vote NO on Ordinance 5637. Increasing the terms from three to four years: but mainly because it’s a bad idea.

The proposed Ordinance’s timing, immediately after the recent mayor and council qualifications is difficult to understand and legitimize. I do NOT remember any council member, including its’ sponsor Mayor Singer or candidates, campaigning on extending their own terms.  How many constituents went to the mayor, deputy mayor, or council member suggesting or expressing concerns about their elected representatives being given four-year terms?  I certainly did not, did you?  Anyone want to bet a cuppa coffee that no one did?  Was length of terms on anyone’s radar?  Again, did any recently elected official or candidate campaign on this issue? No.

Now, if the Ordinance passes, money and ‘special-interest’ influence will enter the fray. 

More reasons

Both in Congress and the State of Florida, representatives have two-year terms as this is the only real power and ‘evaluation process’ the people have – their vote every two years.  Here in Boca, we have three-year terms, giving voters their chance to ‘evaluate’ elected official’s performance. The current three-year term certainly strikes a smart balance to the previous two-year terms.  Now, extending terms from three years to four will potentially give our “representatives” eight years in office.  In this day and age of ‘special interest’ influence – this is just too long.  Hasn’t Boca Raton learned anything from its’ recent history?

Then there’s the timing of Ordinance 5637

As described in the article “Boca’s Mayor Singer Makes Move to Get Longer Term“, the timing and method of this Ordinance’s presentation appears to be rather irreverent to the spirit of doing the public’s business in public.  Preparing an Ordinance for the council to vote on isn’t like pulling a rabbit out of a hat.  Where was the mayor’s introduction to the public as a candidate on the ‘campaign trail,’? Or to the council for debate as a ‘discussion agenda item’ before preparing the ordinance? Now, if the Ordinance passes, money and ‘special-interest’ influence will enter the fray. 

This is ‘politics’ pure and simple – it will be politicized. There was and is plenty of time to reinstall the horse in front of the cart by voting ‘NO’ on this ordinance.  This, regardless of what we may be told about saving money on election expenses, eliminating partisan politics, and other alleged reasons with NO weight given to either the known or unintended consequences of increasing terms by a third. Therefore, I think Ordinance 5637 is a big mistake and deserves the Council’s ‘NO’ vote.

If you think it’s a bad idea, tell your elected City Council to vote NO to Ordinance 5736 and extended term lengths.

Dear City Council,
I live and vote in the City of Boca Raton. I am against changing the City Charter to extend term lengths of Boca's Mayor and Council Members. Please VOTE NO on Ordinance 5637.

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