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May 9 2023 – Andy V

by BocaFirst Reader

 Subject: Better ways to waste $250K 

We can keep bike deaths down and crazy people from running lights, if we had a rotating traffic squad, of non-police officers to enforce traffic laws! Crazy to have expensive police officers doing this work when a special task force of traffic enforcers could make the City safer, at a much lower cost ( mobile Meter Maids). In three months the word would be out that Boca is serious about traffic law enforcement. Maybe cross-train Accident Investigation Officers ( already on the payroll) to expand their scope of service to include traffic enforcement….. between accident calls.The issue deserves study and low cost action.

If we’re going to “grow the City” additional building application fees should go to a traffic enforcement fund to “help” ensure good traffic law enforcement. Growth and proper law enforcement are not mutually exclusively concepts!

Andy V

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