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March 31 2020 – Arne Rossel

by BocaFirst Reader

Subject:  The Sweet Sound of Silence 

Take care you don’t shoot yourselves in the foot with this bright idea. This gentry loves its creature comforts. Moreover, the downtown attracts patrons from the 4 points of the compass and at hours which extend well into the late evening. It’s not like the city sports a high end mass transportation system or an equally fine Uber livery behind the three-pointed star. In Manhattan, there’s a segment of ‘fine diners’ who never see the inside of the subway. It’s not their gig. Much like L.A., this region was built on an infrastructure of roads and private vehicles. You can turn your roadways into walkways, but the public will still need to drive to them, and store their vehicle somewhere. There’s an open parking field in Mizner on which a six story garage might stand. Give that a thought.

Arne Rossel

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