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July 24 2019 – Nora Prado Greenberg

by BocaFirst Reader

Subject: Save Community Garden

“I’ve been a community garden member since it first opened years ago. I’ve seen this arid piece of land turn into a fruitful garden, and have found the feeling of growing your own food to be both exhilarating and rewarding.
We donate 100s of pounds of food to the Boca Helping Hands kitchen. Mizner Park’s Kapow grows fresh herbs and vegetables for their restaurant. We have plots for people with mobility issues, as well as a wildflower/native plants walk, a gazebo and pagoda, swings and benches, and a composting center. We host several events through the year, including composting classes, monthly pot lucks and programs for schoolkids. This is our way to connect and unify as a community.
The mayor and city council members have this crazy idea that they are doing something positive by giving city land to a private enterprise.
I’d like to remind city officials that this land is first and foremost owned by the us, the taxpayers, and we should come first. If Brightline/Virgins want a train station in Boca, let them find another location. I’m sure they will.
In closing, I say leave our garden alone. It belongs to the people and should not be for sale, let alone given away.
I hear Joni Mitchell singing: “You pave paradise and put up a parking lot…”
Thank you”

Nora Prado Greenberg

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