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Boca Golfers with course to themselves on a Saturday morning

How Much Golf is Too Much Golf?

by Joe Panella

It seems like the never-ending debate about keeping “Golf in Boca Raton” may have solved itself.  The owners of the Boca Country Club, located at 177751 Boca Club Blvd., plan to donate their fully operational golf course and clubhouse to the city of Boca.  The Sun-Sentinel published the story here.

Once the transfer is approved, which seems all but certain, there will be a number of questions that remain.

Ocean Breeze?

There has been a years-long tug of war between the elected officials on our city council and the Beach and Parks District (BPD) over the design and implementation of a golf facility at Ocean Breeze.  Ocean Breeze is the $24 million property that was purchased by the City and the BPD with the intention of reviving Golf in Boca Raton.  

Once the City acquires the Boca Country Club, the debate will now become, ‘What do we do with Ocean Breeze’?  There are dozens of possibilities which will, if history repeats itself, generate years of discussion and debate between the two elected bodies and citizen stakeholders.   One thing seems certain – nothing will be happening there anytime soon.

The Boca Muni? 

Years ago, the City agreed to sell the Boca Municipal Golf Course to a developer for $65 million.  There have been multiple delays in closing the deal, with no end in sight.  This is money that could be used to pay off bonds, reduce taxes, or simply be saved to collect interest.  

If this property was worth $65 million three years ago, we can only wonder what it would be worth today.  With real estate prices rising daily, especially in South Florida, should we renegotiate the price?  Will the acquisition of the Boca Country Club incent the City to finally close this deal?

An Abundance of Riches

It will take vision and leadership to determine the fate of the Boca Muni and Ocean Breeze.  Are our elected officials on our city council and BPD up to the task?  Stay tuned, we shall see……….

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