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Cyclist in Crash on Glades Beats Odds and Survives

by Les Wilson

BOCA RATON: May 13 – A BocaFirst.org reader contacted us about a bike crash on Glades Rd and 2nd Ave in Boca Raton. It was during evening rush hour on Friday May 12. This bike crash comes on the heels of two CBS 12 News reports about concerns over bike safety on Boca. ICYMI, the first report investigating the death of Longuino Amal Jr. on SW 18th St on April 19 is here. The second report with Boca Mayor Singer’s response is here.

Location of crash on the Bocafirst.org Detailed Bike Map

What We Know About the Glades Bike Crash

After riding to the crash site, I spoke to Boca PD and a resident named Ben who saw the activity and investigated. According to Ben, a Kia Soul hit a cyclist in the rightmost Eastbound lane of Glades Rd. He said the bike was sitting on its side in the center lane. He also mentioned that the windshield of the Kia was crushed inward. Boca PD could only confirm there had been a bike crash as the report was still in progress.

Fellow cyclist and BocaFirst reader Joe Graubart and I looked at the Boca PD scene markings to try and understand what happened. A couple things are clear but the details will require the police report. Neither of us is trained in scene marking symbols. This is our best but uneducated interpretation of the markings:

  1. The yellow markings indicate a vehicle traveling eastbound in the rightmost lane (yellow parallel dashed lines) or turning into that
  2. A green circle indicates the cyclist was hit in the crosswalk
  3. The cyclist was carrying pizza which ended up dumped in the center lane of Glades (green brackets). The pizza box did not come from the Pizza Restaurant or 7-Eleven on the Northeast corner of Glades and 2nd (I asked)
  4. The bike came to rest lying across the center lane with the front to the north
  5. The cyclist came to rest (green circle) in the rightmost lane as did the vehicle
Boca PD scene markings at Glades and Second crash May 12 2023

Know anything about the Glades Bike Crash?

As an independent resident blog, we are interested in giving voice to your experiences and views on this topic. If you understand these markings or know more about what happened, drop us a line via the contact page of our website so we can help others learn from this tragedy. You can also report pedestrian and bike infrastructure problems or make suggestions on our website here. We report them to the City monthly.

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