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Corona Cant Movement Expands

by Luke Lynch

In April of this year, my former Boca High teacher Jordan Hernandez and I co founded the Corona Cant movement. For details about our beginning, check out our virtual Boca Matters interview.


Today, we’ve evolved and expanded to reach out and share Corona Cant’s new community challenge called #GETMOVING. If you believe in our challenge to further impact the community, we are asking for your the help to spread the word. Students, Teachers, and community members of Corona Cant have created this initiative to spread awareness on the importance of exercise during the quarantine. 

Our #GETMOVING program is designed to challenge our local community to share photos/videos of themselves exercising on social media. We feature all submissions and pick certain submissions to win free juice/bowls from Boca Raton’s Raw Juce. Raw Juce is our community sponsor for this initiative. Here’s a YouTube video that explains how it works:

We appreciate your support. Enter our challenge by sharing a photo/video of your exercise on social media. Tag it with @coronacantt and @rawjuce. That enters you to win a free @rawjuce bowl/smoothie.

get moving challenge

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