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City Embarks on Ambitious Vision Zero – BocaFirst is there

by BocaFirst

BOCA RATON – FEB 1 2023: Vision Zero is a worldwide initiative now spreading across the United States. Its goal is to eliminate traffic fatalities and severe injures while maintaining safe, healthy and equitable mobility for all. Click here for more.

On October 25, 2022, the Boca Raton City Council unanimously voted to become a Vision Zero City. The goal is to  provide a safe system for vehicles, bicycles, e-vehicles and pedestrians alike.

BocaFirst Announces its resident focussed Vision Zero Project

BocaFirst has long advocated improvements to our pedestrian/bike ways and applauds the city for joining the Vision Zero initiative. In keeping with our mission to give voice to quality of life issues to city leaders, we have launched the “BocaFirst Vision Zero Project“.

In October, the BocaFirst Vision Zero Project Team hit the books and the road to bone up on other Vision Zero city solutions and to document Boca’s current bike infrastructure. With an eye to helping identify areas for improvement, we expanded our online platform in several critical areas to help the city with the pedestrian/bicycle goals of Vision Zero. With a four month head start on research and riding hundreds of miles to experience and film Boca’s bike infrastructure, the BocaFirst Vision Zero Project team has developed several online resources to help Boca achieve its goals. All project resources can be accessed via the bocafirst.org Vision Zero Project page here.

What you can do

The BocaFirst Vision Zero Project is a concerted effort by the volunteers at BocaFirst in partnership with residents to make a contribution to this very worthy City project. However, it is only through everyone’s participation that we can to hope make many voices heard at city hall and see significant progress. We hope the tools below will get us all started. We’ll be adding more later:

Vision Zero Tracker

The Vision Zero Progress Tracker is a graphical representation of the planning and implementation status of the City of Boca Raton’s Vision Zero program. Past and future milestones and events are shown.

BocaFirst Vision Zero Project Bike map Graphic

BocaFirst Detailed Bike Map

The BocaFirst Bike Map is a comprehensive map of Boca’s bicycle infrastructure. It reflects not only routes but safety information on the trails and paths throughout the city. Also included are areas of concern identified by actually riding and experiencing it. More than a bike map, it provides various layers of information such as speed limits, schools, gaps in bike lanes and tips not only to help cyclists plan a safe trip, but to facilitate analysis and identify problem areas.

Create a report

Report a Problem

As a companion to the BocaFirst Detailed Bike Map, our Report a Problem resource is a mobile friendly way to crowd source problem areas in Boca’s pedestrian and bike infrastructure. These are rider reports on potential danger areas and and potentially added to the detailed bike map. Using the GPS location or address provided, Boca cyclists can submit a photo and description of problem areas. The BocaFirst Team reviews these and adds them to the bike map where appropriate. All reports can be viewed on the Report a Problem web page here.

BocaFirst “1st Person View” YouTube channel

The BocaFirst 1st Person View YouTube playlist is another companion to our Detailed Bike Map. From October 2022 through January 2023, we biked, filmed and edited Boca’s roads and bikeways to provide a first person view of what cyclists, drivers and pedestrians deal with in Boca. All completed videos are available through the bike map.

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