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Subject: Traffic in Boca Raton

Those who want to alleviate Boca’s increasing traffic congestion have three problems: 1) there in insufficient infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc.) to handle the amount of new and planned development; 2) most of Boca’s key traffic arteries cannot be expanded and there is no room for “new” roads; and 3) proposed non-auto “solutions” like trolleys or ride-sharing have either proven uneconomic or inconvenient. New development in Boca should follow the guidelines set down in Boca’s landmark downtown development Ordinance 4035: build the infrastructure BEFORE you build the buildings. If you can’t, then don’t. How’s that for a simple solution?

John C. Gore
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Subject: Home Insurance Scams

My insurance company Lexington insurance has now completely stopped doing business in Boca Raton due to scams between public insurance reps, contractors and lawyers. Apparently when a home owner has an issue, for example a flood, the lawyer has the homeowner sign something so the insurance company is not negotiating with the homeowner, only the lawyer . Apparently the public insurance reps, contractor and lawyers are in cahoots driving insurance claims sky high .
My insurance was $5,300 for great coverage .
Now I received quotes for $11,000-$19,000.
The $19,000 highest was Citizens, the government option!
This is a disgrace and needs to be investigated and laws put into place to control the scammers .
This will cause Boca to become a ‘Do Not Buy City’ .

Marie Berman
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Subject: Brightline Traffic

I would like to ask the people of Boca Raton, who think we need a Brightline station in Boca what roads they drive on? I have been a resident in Boca for 52 years and the traffic will only get worse. Right now the traffic signals are so messed up every time the Brightline comes by and the gates go down that you have to wait for 2 cycles before you get a green light. Furthermore I am a local business owner of 27 years and have to be on local roads everyday and it is not pleasant. You keep adding these buildings but have no way to expand the streets leading to I-95. You decision makers really need to think logically, not about the money that’s probably coating your pocket’s.

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Subject: UHC vs BRRH

I find this very disturbing on several levels. It is hard enough to navigate the intricacies of health insurance sometimes. But you count on one of the most important parts of your health care team, your hospital, to be there and, it suddenly drops off the team, it is devastating. I fortunately no longer have UHC insurance but who’s to say it wont be my insurance being locked out sometime down the road.
What I would really like to know is why a person is not permitted to pay their bill in cash. What is the problem with good ole real money?

Veronica Risko
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Subject: Golf in Boca

The Price/Fazio plan for Boca National Golf Course was designed with resident’s input with the goal of having a successful, modern municipal golf facility. Success requires a facility that can distinguish itself from “regular” municipal courses. Those plans are being attacked for being “world class.”“World Class” means that something is the “best of the best, when compared with similar items from around the world.” As designed, Boca National’s 18-hole golf course will be very nice – comparable in style and playability to the best public golf courses in South Florida. That alone does not make it world class. However, when combined with Price/Fazio’s design for the short course plus learning center / range on the East property, along with the Himalayas style putting course, a casual café clubhouse, picnic pavilions, fitness trail, nature areas, and children’s playground, the facility as a whole will certainly be world class. There are few, if any, such facilities anywhere, and Boca National will be a model for municipalities of how to create a modern, successful golf park facility with something for everyone.

Rick Heard
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Subject: Development in Boca Raton

Mr. Gore obviously put a lot of thought into his column, but he really doesn’t answer any questions or take sides. It almost seems like an apology for developers. Oh my gosh the city Council approved it and it looks horrible, but they maximized their profit. It’s time citizens come first but, unfortunately money talks and that’s what you see happening in Boca, money talking and buildings getting built!

Scott Shabot
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Subject: Golf in Boca

‘Municipal’ golf is a pejorative term for a course that is cheap, not particularly well-maintained and most likely poorly run. A “goat-track” with a rudimentary design – functional but often dull. This description appears to reflect the mayor’s vision for golf in Boca. According to Golf Digest the list below are the twenty best PUBLIC golf courses in America.

Ian MacDougall

1.  Pebble Beach 
2.  Pacific Dunes 
3.  Whistling Straits 
4.  The Ocean Course 
5.  Shadow Creek
6.  Pinehurst Resort (Number 2) 
7.  Bandon Dunes 
8.  Bethpage State Park (Black) 
9.  Erin Hills 
10.  Spyglass Hill 
11.  TPC Sawgrass 
12.  Old MacDonald 
13.  Arcadia Bluffs 
14.  Bandon Trails 
15.  Blackwolf Run 
16.  Pasatiempo 
17.  The Pete Dye French Lick 
18.  Sand Valley 
19.  Streamsong 
20.  Karsten Creek 

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