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Candidate Forum 3 Mar 2020

Candidate Forum Splainer – March 3 2020

by BocaFirst

On March 3 2020,  the Federation of Boca Raton Homeowner Associations had a Meet The Candidates Forum.  Mayoral Candidates Bernard Korn and Scott Singer reviewed their platforms for the upcoming elections. Unopposed Council Member Seat A, Andy Thomson and council Member Seat B, Andrea Levine O’Rourke discussed their visions for their next three (3) years on the Council.

Council Member O’Rourke led the conversation with a strong vision for Boca Raton that was well received. She emphasized low taxes are imperative. Art and culture are important to the city since they are a strong economic driver. Traffic controls and pedestrian safety require focus. Boca Raton Innovation Center (BRIC) will be key to Boca’s growth as a tech center. A large applause followed. 

Council Member Thomson gave a shortened version for his vision for next 3 years. His major point was to apologize for being so harsh to The Greater Boca Raton Beach and Park District in past meetings. He promised to be “ gentler in the future”. Many felt that he didn’t answer the question of his vision for next three years and his above comment was out of place. 

Bernard Korn led off the debate with Mayor Scott Singer with his vision. He started by attacking Scott with the question “Why is the mayor able to run over two terms when the president only gets to run for two terms”. Korn wants to educate future Boca leaders to run in elections. He went on to say the City is being sued for $137 million and where will money come from? He wants to change city government. It is “not a hobby”. He mentioned corruption and Haynie’s trial date. 

Scott Singer responded by answering the questions succinctly. He emphasized that he listens to the residents and will continue to have town hall meetings for next three years. 

Both candidates were asked what will they do with the $65 million from the sale of the Boca Muni Golf course. Korn answered “if we build it golfers will come”. Scott responded those dollars will be used for the Brightline Parking structure for $12 million and a new city campus. Many in audience noted no mention of the Boca National golf course. 

The final question was “Does the city have plans to replace city manger when the current one retires in next three years?” Mayor Singer said there is a “robust group of candidates”.

When it came time for Mayor Singer to ask Mr Korn a question he declined ending the debate abruptly.

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