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August 12 2020 – John Gore

by BocaFirst Reader

Subject:  Survival Chances

The title of Jim’s excellent article should be “You Didn’t Get What You Were Promised.” Back when I founded Boca Beautiful, the “fix” was in. Developers were able to twist or ignore the standards in Ordinance 4035 to maximize square foot profit. Do you see anything resembling Addison Mizner in the sterile boxes that are the Hyatt and the Mark? If you like Via Mizner, you’ll love it when it is three boxes instead of one. The City Council shamelessly amended the rules to allow Tower 155 to be build on a lot that is way too small for its bulk. The apartments may be elegant inside, but outside Boca’s citizenry (and neighboring small businesses) get to look at the incredible hulk. Palmetto Promenade was extremely controversial, but developers managed to break up its mass with clever design. I was actively involved in opposition to the Alina on SE Mizner Boulevard, but we reached a COMPROMISE with the developer after hard fought negotiations involving the newly-elected City Council. It’s not yet finished, but what is going up seems to be the most attractive new building in East Boca. The lesson from all this is to listen to those who are most affected by new construction, i.e. the neighbors, and follow the aesthetic guidelines that are set forth in the law. Avarice and inattention to those guidelines are what brought the Ugly Sisters to Downtown Boca. 

John Gore

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