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August 1 2019 – Aphrodite Petinakis

by BocaFirst Reader

Subject: UHC vs BRRH

Since my last letter to Boca First, I did finally receive a telephone call from UHC from the Texas office. I was told that the problem lies with BRRH in that they do not want to accept the pay scale that UCH offered, which they emphatically told me was in line with what is paid to ALL THE OTHER HOSPITALS IN OUR AREA. The representative I spoke with checked was is paid to Delray Medical Center, Boca West, Imperial Point, etc. The rep suggested we continue to contact the Administration Office at BRRH. She further stated that they will continue to negotiate as long as BRRH is willing to talk. I don’t know who really is at fault, but I believe they are all playing the blame game!


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