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10 ways to waste $259k of Taxpayer Money

10 Better Ways to Waste $250K of Taxpayer Money

by BocaFirst

The BocaFirst analyst team is waiting for the official results of Boca’s 2023 gold plated election so we can do our usual precinct analysis. But one interesting tidbit can be gleaned from the unofficial results: In what was expected to be a low voter turnout, Boca had roughly the same number of voters for its gold plated one question election as Delray had for two Council seats (3yr terms by the way) and two ballot questions. Anyway, while we wait, a BocaFirst reader suggested 10 other ways we could have wasted $250k of taxpayer money.

The Top 10

  1. Install a Diverging Diamond at a another terrible interchange, in an effort to make it even more terrible.
  2. Designate the Construction Crane as our official city icon, to be used in logos and branding to represent beautiful downtown Boca Raton.
  3. Build an actual park facility in the newly-opened Ocean Strand Park. How about bathrooms? Never mind, we can hold it ’til we get home.
  4. Take the city’s emergency preparedness fund and invest it in a bank in Silicon Valley.
  5. Purchase anti-sleep devices so certain council members can avoid the embarrassment of nodding off while pretending to listen to public comments.
  6. Replace bike lanes with car lanes. Those bicyclists are such a pain in the a**.
  7. Erect a statue of our Eternal Mayor in Sanborn Square (after the square has been ruined enhanced by the Aletto building, of course). Residents will surely want to leave flowers. Or graffiti.
  8. Convert the always-empty Brightline parking garage into something that city residents will actually use. Hey, how about a community garden?
  9. Provide free nose clips to all city residents to prepare them for the next proposal that doesn’t pass the smell test.
  10. Conduct a $250K recall election for the 3 elected officials who voted to extend their own terms.

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